A Place Where Children May Walk with Christ and Grow in Faith

Imagine a place where you can send your students knowing they will receive personalized attention as they enjoy a deep, rich education that fully and holistically prepares them for life in a challenging world.

Stella Maris Classical Academy offers a classical curriculum fully integrated with the Catholic Christian tradition.

We provide the intellectual and spiritual foundation for students to mature into thoughtful, critical thinkers grounded in a resilient faith.

Faith & Reason

Watch your students thrive with classical methods and materials, even if they've been struggling in public school. Students study an integrated curriculum focusing on the Great Works. Our curriculum spans all of the relevant subjects: literacy and literature, math and science, music and art, as well as history, philosophy, and theology.

Theology classes will focus on building a relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as inculcating familiarity with the Bible, precepts of the faith, worship, and Nicene Creed fundamentals. Starting in 9th grade, students will learn to apply the principles they've mastered to increasingly complex, contemporary issues, requiring Biblical exegesis, patristic or magisterial research, logically rigorous analysis, skillful writing, and excellent oral communication.

We examine both religious and non-religious works using the Socratic Method, teaching critical thinking skills that will serve children well into their adult lives. We often take a great deal more time with these materials than public schools do and teach them in an integrated way that allows for insights and understandings that might otherwise be missed.

We do not shy away from the fact that we are primarily a Catholic Christian school and that our curriculum and approach stem from our faith. Thus, you can be assured that your children will be taught by professionals who share your values.

Will sacraments be available?

Stella Maris will include prayer, sacred music, and liturgy (such as the Divine Office) into the daily schedule. Our ultimate goal is to have school-affiliated chaplains to offer regular sacraments including Reconciliation, Eucharist, and spiritual direction. Initially, we plan to make regular (i.e., at least monthly) school trips to the normally-scheduled daily Mass offered at our local parish.