An independent, classical K-12 academy in the Catholic tradition.
Opening Fall 2024 for grades
Kindergarten, First, and Second.


Academic rigor. Authentic Catholic character. Personalized attention. Stella Maris offers your students a safe, principled, and nurturing environment in which to grow in faith and reason.

We employ a classical educational approach in the Catholic tradition, designed to inculcate a deep understanding and experience of the Christian faith and the foundations of Western Civilization in order to:

  1. Teach students how to learn and think for themselves.
  2. Work with parents to form individuals of character and integrity.
  3. Prepare students to live their best lives as faithful, well-educated, joyful Christians.

If you would love to give your student a chance to learn in an unabashedly Catholic environment, Stella Maris Classical Academy might be the perfect choice for you and your family.

Mission Statement

Stella Maris Classical Academy partners with parents to form students intellectually, spiritually, morally, and physically so they can know, love, and glorify God, while preparing for life in–but not of–the world.

Our Vision

We believe a classical education framed by the traditions of our Catholic faith will form students into joyful and faithful Christians who are critical thinkers, coherent writers, and eloquent speakers. Further, such an education will arm students with the intellectual, spiritual, moral, and physical fortitude required for living out the faith in the contemporary world.

In contrast with public and private schools that do not employ a classical model, a classical education offers students a deeper, richer education that more fully and holistically prepares students for today’s life. Rather than ignoring the many challenges posed by contemporary society, we systematically engage those from the perspective of time-tested principles, both Christian and secular. Students learn how to think and communicate clearly about the most controversial subjects, which when combined with spiritual and moral instruction, leads them to develop a resilient, intelligent faith.

In the end, students who graduate from Stella Maris will be well-prepared for the responsibility of self-government in a democratic republic, as well as for the challenge of living as faithful, thoughtful Christians in an increasingly secular world at times hostile to Christianity.







Our method is a unique blend of Montessori and Socratic inquiry designed to ensure students develop their natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge, as well as learning how to learn and think clearly.

Socratic inquiry guides children's learning in a way that teaches them humility about what they know and don't know, trains them to employ logic and analyze ideas, and drives them to use words and concepts clearly. We further train them in rhetoric and moral formation.

These methods help students become articulate communicators capable of distinguishing wisdom from sophistry.

Students will study the greatest works humanity has produced in various subjects, including literature, philosophy, science, art, music, math, and theology. Our approach thoroughly integrates the study of these subjects in roughly chronological order, giving them insights and perspectives that remain obscure when these subjects are strictly separated.

By exploring the masterworks of historical cultures, students orient toward the True, the Good, and the Beautiful, giving them a basis for seeing what is possible and the standards by which to critique the status quo.

Finally, students enjoy a low student-teacher ratio, giving them individualized attention and allowing us to complete most of our work in class. Students will need to complete less homework than they'd be expected to complete in other schools using different approaches.


At Stella Maris, your children will receive a classical education.

A classical education offers students a deeper, richer education that more fully and holistically prepares them for a life of faith in a challenging world.

In our study of Great Works, we include works of a religious character that a secular classical school might avoid or explore with less depth. We do not shy away from subjecting these works to the same scrutiny as secular or non-Christian great works. As a non-diocesan school, we have more freedom to pursue this inquiry than a typical parochial school might.

We undertake this exploration respectfully, carefully, and with the confidence that Catholic Christian teaching can withstand any scrutiny so long as it is directed toward finding the Truth.

The material is challenging, uplifting, and useful and will prepare children for their futures while grounding them in the Catholic Christian tradition.

For more information about classical education, please see the following links:

Students will study literature, philosophy, science, art, music, math, theology, art history, classical drawing, painting, Latin, Classical Greek, New Testament Greek, modern languages, and physical education (Latin and Greek will be offered when Stella Maris will not be offered in the 2024-25 academic year).

Click here for an overview of the full curriculum we will offer when fully operational.


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